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6 Quick Tips to Build Your Startup’s Budget

Budgeting is an important part of reaching your financial goals, and a powerful tool for any business owner. A budget is used to regulate how quickly and in what ways your money is being used. Using this tool helps maintain short and long term financial plans, which...

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How Accountants Have Changed in the Last 20 Years

The accountant’s role within a business is not what it once was. As the times change, businesses change with it, and technological advancements have made a huge impact on the accountant’s role within a business. Here are three key ways that accountants, and the...

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How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

As the owner of a business, the size of your paycheck is up to your own discretion. Setting and scaling your salary to facilitate healthy business growth and a healthy lifestyle is an art and a science. Your salary should be determined by many factors including: the...

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Going Paperless in Accounting: Benefits of Cloud Storage

Let go of the worry and stress of losing financial information. Use a paperless accounting service with cloud storage. Not sure which one is right for your business? Contact Mike Moffitt. He and his team can help you pick the best choice for your business accounting needs.

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Last-Minute Tax Planning Techniques

It’s time to give your CPA or tax accountant the information for this year’s tax filing. You can already feel the pressure and tension creeping in and overshadowing the joy of the holiday season. Instead of worrying, use this simple checklist that outlines what your tax accountant or CPA needs.

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Your Top Tax Questions Answered: Know When to Save

Every United States taxpayer knows the stress of April 15th. You shouldn’t have to pay more than you owe, so it’s important to know where you can get deductions. Whether you are self-employed, run a large company, or work from home there are ways you can keep more...

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