A Virtual CFO has the capability to provide your small business with much of the same services and expertise that an in-house CFO provides at only a fraction of the cost.

Virtual CFO’s work remotely and provide financial planning services for your businesses as you need them as well as helping your business grow by implementing ways to raise capital, set key performance indicators (KPIs) and review and analyze financials to identify risks and big-hit opportunities. A virtual CFO has the expertise and ability to work with your current staff by offering guidance in accounting, sales, training and evaluations of staff, as well as future strategic planning.

You can ask as much or as little of your virtual CFO as you want depending on the state of your business and the level of need your situation requires. Never let your financial department fail to keep on track, the a la carte version of CFO’s is now at your disposal with expertise in every department your business venture is taking you.

Here is one area in which a virtual CFO can accommodate your financial needs:

Debt Elimination:

Debt is a symptom, not a cause of the problem. This doesn’t change the fact that businesses need money, and sometimes its availability is just not where it needs to be for growth to be achievable both now and in the future. Creating a long-term financial strategy is key in bringing in new cash to a company while eliminating bad debt permanently.

Here are three steps on how to get out of debt and increase your worth and cash flow:

Step 1: Get a gap analysis done. Be honest about your current financial situation and include a money-making skills assessment. The assets that could be acquired through an increase in money making skills can be used to repay debt which would then benefit the purchasing of more assets.

Step 2: Create goals for when you’re free from debt.

Step 3: Get a team, mentor, or advisor that will help you accelerate your own earnings well beyond what is individually capable.

Your virtual CFO at MSM Advisors will help you to optimize your liabilities so that they support your overall goals.

In addition, if you have incurred a lot of debt trying to keep your business afloat, then they will work with you to create a plan to get you out of debt.