Since its release in 2006, Xero has been generating a steady fan base from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies.

The New Zealand based company has quickly proven its worth, ranking among some of the most well-known accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks and Wave. Many businesses are even beginning to switch accounting software to Xero in favor of its user interface and app integration capabilities.

Online forums are buzzing about Xero as well, including G2 ranking Xero 4.6/5 stars, and 5/5 stars on the google apps marketplace.
Of all the in-depth features Xero has to offer, it is the simple features that Xero user reviews are praising the most.

Easy to use

People find Xero very user-friendly in both layout and design. It has been described as fun and makes accounting a little less painful.

“The essence of a great accounting system is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. Xero has achieved this!” – Nathan Stewart, Founder and CEO, Alkemi


“It sounds crazy but Xero is actually a pleasure to use. Not something you’d associate with accounting software!” – Joshua Farmer


Saves time

Xero includes many features that save customers time and money, including automatic bank feeds, expense tracking, online collaboration, and a number of invoicing features.

“Xero has really cut my accounting time by 80%. It gives me goosebumps thinking about all that extra time I have.” – Bridget Labus, Co-Founder of Sixth Course


“I prefer cloud-based accounting software like Xero because it allows me to interact easily with clients who aren’t local. Xero is popular with my international clients and I was introduced to it through them.” – Sarah D, CPA at Stonecreek Accounting, LLC

Customer Support

Xero customer feedback is second to none, both on the phone and online. User’s find them well-informed, responsive, and polite.

“Representatives were concise, polite, knowledgeable, and always addressed my concerns directly – no copy/paste responses that I could detect. Response times generally ranged from 15-40 minutes. I was thrilled, and rated Xero with some of the best customer service I’d ever seen from any company.” – Katherine Miller


Reviews like these have given Xero the rating of Forbes #1 most innovative company.