Next time you go to the grocery store, slow down and take a thoughtful look at the products on the shelves. Each one was carefully created and crafted. People cooked their special recipes for their family and friends and heard: “This is delicious. You should sell it!” The ambitious ones took a risk and a food or beverage business was born. However, creating a food or beverage is one thing; getting a food or beverage onto the shelves in the store is another.

Enter the Ambactus Group.

The Ambactus Group places unique, high-potential brands in regional and national retailers by giving their clients professional sales representation and helping them navigate the complexity of the food and beverage industry.

The Ambactus Group is growing!

The team at Ambactus Group is busy working with a number of clients by representing their brands to retail buyers in the grocery and convenience channels. With a continually growing portfolio of brands, they realized the importance of having a business and accounting consultant on their side. Ambactus Group reached out to MSM Advisors and we are so thankful! Their passion for their clients is infectious. The more we consult with them and find areas in which they can save time and energy, the better they are able to serve their clients– which is their top priority.

MSM Advisors consults with the Ambactus Group in the following areas:

Virtual accounting.

The team members of Ambactus Group are spread out over several different states. Meeting in person is just not a reality. We are still able to give them a face-to-face, personal consulting experience by meeting virtually. MSM Advisors can conduct our consulting meetings online through simple video software.

Tax compliance.

Tax codes change annually. Even the most vigilant business owners cannot keep up with each detail of change that would affect their business. For Ambactus Group, we are able to quickly inform them about tax compliance issues specific to their niche industry of connecting with retailers and distributors. We can also keep them up-to-date on how to take advantage of every available tax break.

Business consulting.

Strong businesses aren’t built by chance. Strong businesses begin with a plan. All business owners need a consultant, someone who will listen to their ideas and their goals and brainstorm with them about how to get there. MSM Advisors fulfills this role for Ambactus Group. This is one of the highlights of our working relationship! The leadership team at Ambactus Group is creative and they serve their clients well. It’s wonderful to talk through their plans for the future and how they can continue to give the best service to their clients.

Systems recommendations.

Ambactus Group is a virtual firm with team members in several different states. They can run their offices from their phones! This is possible because they use reliable systems to keep their business running smoothly especially when it comes to their accounting. MSM Advisors is able to make suggestions as to the latest technology systems that can help their business function smoothly.

Mike Moffitt, CPAWe are so excited to have a consulting relationship with the Ambactus Group.

Their relationship with us allows them to serve their clients to their best ability with the highest level of financial responsibility. If you are in need of someone on your side in the business world, contact MSM Advisors. We would love to work alongside you with our business consulting and accounting expertise.

If you are a food manufacturer or brand looking to grow into retail, please contact Jay Johnson at or visit Ambactus Group’s website.