Why is it called QuickBooks? With a name like that it gives you impression of precision and excellence. However, any QuickBooks user can tell you the only thing quick about it, is how quickly it turns into a nightmare.


With the rise of cloud-based software its a wonder why people still haven’t made the switch to quicker, easier QuickBooks alternatives. Throughout my years of experience, I have come across some common Quickbooks errors.

1. Slow startup

For starters is QuickBooks slow startup times. They even acknowledge that their service is slow. The more data you have in your system, the slower it gets. That’s not a badge of honor, it’s an infuriating productivity killer. QuickBooks running slowly should be fixed by now, but it’s not.

2. Network dis-connectivity

Don’t get me started on the network. Many types of networks are in use today to run QuickBooks, but not all of them will run QuickBooks effectively. QuickBooks network connectivity is very particular for data files. One little hiccup in the network will cause a connection loss, and potentially data loss.


3. Think you can update your QuickBooks without updating your data files?

Think again. Let’s not forget about the software updates. Many users don’t know why they get a QuickBooks update error when trying to update to the newest version. It is because you must first update all your data files. If you are wise, you will make backup files first in case something goes wrong. Depending on your company size this can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days.
Sometimes data still won’t upgrade to the newest version, so you will have to go back to the old version to rebuild your data. This can be super risky when your company’s financial future is at your fingertips.


Stop continuously dealing with problems that shouldn’t exist. Never worry about slow startups, repetitive data updates, or network connectivity errors again. Download our free eBook to see why business owners are taking their data to the cloud.