I thought I’d take some time to show how Xero’s browser interface works alongside the mobile app Xero Touch, but Xero recently released this animated video that explains in in a nice, succinct way.

The app is certainly a pared-down version of the web app, but Xero Touch has plenty of merit. It gives users the ability to do things like enter receipts, invoice customers and view customer history from anywhere. That’s not counting the hundreds of third-party business apps that integrate with Xero. Later, from your web browser, you can run reports, process payroll and work with your Xero advisor to make sure your books look how they should.

Watch this quick video below to learn more about how Xero Touch complements the browser dashboard.


What I really like about Xero Touch is how the simpler accounting tasks all of us manage each day become integrated with our routine. Budgeting and long-term planning is important for business owners and individuals alike, but forming good financial habits is a major part of that long-term success.

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