Historically, financial data management products Xero and Freshbooks have been viewed as mutually exclusive, competing services. In reality, though, they’re actually more inclusive and compatible than ever.


Both Xero and Freshbooks offer full cloud based accounting services. And while many users find Freshbooks superior for handling the billing process, they view Xero as a stronger comprehensive accounting system. Freshbooks specializes in its billing capabilities by allowing users to send invoices and receive payments with streamlined communication by mail and email and by enabling users to set up a data base of clients/services, automatic payment reminders, and accepting many types of online payments. Although Xero offers some of these features in different ways, its more comprehensive accounting structure allows users to automatically reconcile their banking accounts, directly import new transactions and old spreadsheet data, provide ecommerce integration, and acts as a CRM tool to track bids, proposals, other forms of new business.


Even if you use each product to enjoy its unique benefits, or because operating in each offers streamlined compatibility to work seamlessly with your clients, there are several ways to integrate Xero and Freshbooks.

Integrate a third party

The easiest fix is to use a third party application like Zapier or OneSaas to push data between Xero and Freshbooks without touching a single line of computer code. Zapier sets up open communication between both applications for you and works to constantly keep both up to date. Zapier sends a “zap” between applications when tasks are performed, like when a new invoice is created in Freshbooks and a customer is immediately created for your more complete records in Xero. Through this swift communication your company can stay fully informed and enable invoices, receipts, projects, contacts, estimates, and banking reconciliation to be perfectly accurate and accessible in each database.


Although they might be the simplest option for integration, apps like Zapier begin to charge a monthly rate based on the size of your company and the number of tasks and applications synchronized. If you’re seeking a cheaper option, Xero gives thorough instructions on how to manually integrate it and Freshbooks together.


With application integration like this, cloud accounting is becoming more intuitively responsive to your unique business needs.