QuickBooks users can now make the transfer to Xero easier than ever.

Converting to new software is never enjoyable, but it is something that has to be done. Newer and better software is always being introduced, whether that means simply upgrading to a newer version, or switching brands completely.

Xero has found a way to make the impossible, possible – a seamless data transfer from QuickBooks to Xero. 



Here are a few things you need to remember before transferring:


1. Transferring is easy…

Existing files can be easily brought in to Xero. Once the data is brought in to Xero, you can view them anywhere, anytime

2. Transferring is quick…

Simply upload your files directly in to Xero. From there they will be automatically converted.  The total time commitment on your part is approximately 17 minutes:

-5 minutes to prepare making the switch.

-3 minutes to receive and accept your files after conversion.

-5 minutes to check your data.

-4 minutes to fix and adjust mislabeled invoices and bills.

3. Transferring is free!

Xero offers a free software conversion service included for all Xero customers.


That’s all there is to it. Check out our free eBook for more detail on how to seamlessly move your data from QuickBooks to Xero.