If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve known the feeling: a failed backup, hours of journal entries, you name it. Bad QuickBooks happen to good people. It’s a fact of business life.

I’ve been in the same boat. After almost four decades in the accounting world, there’s not much I haven’t seen, or a QuickBooks problem I haven’t helped a client solve. But times change, and clients are even harder to please: They want more access at a time that works for them. No longer do CPAs trek across town each week to visit a small business to pick up receipts, or to retrieve files to reconcile QuickBooks.


Cloud-based accounting fits into a small business owner’s life like nothing else. People are frustrated with QuickBooks because they spend less time in the office and more time in the field, which means there are fewer hours in the day to manage expenses while tied to a desk.


Xero is one QuickBooks alternative that lets you do that and more, with its beautiful mobile interface and easy-to-manage desktop dashboard. The two work perfectly in sync to form an intuitive workflow that fits into your day, so you can see your bank feed in real time and upload a photo of your receipt from the coffee shop before you even rush out the door to your next meeting.


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