2023 Tax Season – Information Coming Soon

The information on this page will be updated to reflect 2023.

Please review these important notes for this tax season:


  • March 15, 2022 – Tax source documents due to MSM Advisors
  • April 15, 2022 – IRS Tax Return due date

Document preparation and submission:

– Submit complete documentation by deadline

  • Please ensure you have gathered all documents needed for the preparation of your tax return.
  • Complete client checklist as a reminder of general documents needed as well as submit details regarding any life changes or changes in contact information.
  • If we receive your information after the above date, we will have to file an extension and prepare your return in May; we will be unable to prepare an extension payment estimate before the April deadline as well.

– All documentation submitted electronically should be sent as PDF documents

Tax Return completion and signatures:

– If you file electronically

  • You will receive email notification that your tax return is ready for signatures
  • Both spouses need to sign and follow instructions to submit to IRS by due date

– If you file by mail

  • Return must be signed and postmarked by IRS due date


  • Please prepare for another slow processing season with the IRS due to the backlog from the previous two years, as well as new challenges for the 2022 filing season. Submitting complete and accurate information along with utilizing electronic filing and direct deposit for refunds will help in reducing additional delays.
  • We must have correct information for the third EIP (stimulus payment) and Advance Child Tax Credit payments. Incorrect or missing information will cause the processing of your tax return to be delayed with the IRS. A link to the IRS website where you can locate this information can be found in the Helpful Links section of the Client Resources Tab on the website.

Here is a concise summary of the tax season process:

  1. Gather tax documents
  2. Complete Client Checklist
  3. Upload Client Checklist and tax documents in PDF format to ShareFile by above deadline
  4. We prepare your return and email you with questions
  5. When complete we send you the e-file authorization forms to e-sign and once signed we e-file your return
  6. You receive confirmation emails from taxing agency (federal/state) when your returns are accepted
  7. Your completed tax return with any payment vouchers will be uploaded to ShareFile for your future access































































































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