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Award-Winning CPA: MSM Advisors is listed on the Practice Pioneers Leaderboard as one of the top accounting firms in the US, “The Best of the Best in the Accounting Profession.” Additionally, MSM Advisors’ Michael Moffitt wins 3rd place as’s 2019 Innovative Practitioner of the Year.

The Annual Innovative Practitioner of the Year by

The highly experienced and certified Michael S. Moffitt of MSM Advisors was named 2019’s 3rd place finalist for the Annual Innovative Practitioner of the Year by, the world’s largest member organization representing the CPA profession, recognizes exemplary practitioners who are embracing new strategies and technology throughout their practice, whether taking the initial steps of a long-term plan or already benefiting from early adoption. These practitioners demonstrate thought leadership, strategic decision-making and a commitment to drive the profession toward the future.

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Award-Winning CPA Michael S. Moffitt CPA, PFS, CFP was nominated for always researching and utilizing new technologies to automate and refine processes office-wide. The firm continually shares and demonstrates any new programs with clients to provide exceptional experiences as well as to help clients efficiently utilize their time and resources. Michael has earned the trust of clients and encouraged even the most skeptical to embrace new technology allowing clients to stay focused and work more effectively while spending less time on day-to-day tasks to work and grow their businesses.

Our History

MSM Advisors began in 1991 with a vision of building a team of experienced professionals who were dedicated to offering a level of service above the norm. After spending years in industry and wealth planning, they began to notice a distressing lack of strategic and succession planning for small businesses, as well as a decline in the standard of ethics and integrity among business leaders.

Unsatisfied with those developments, the MSM Advisors Team made a commitment to ensure the company will never fall within those same patterns, always having the utmost respect for a client’s time and investment.

The Practice Pioneers Leaderboard

Award-Winning CPA: The Practice Pioneers leaderboard is a collaboration between AccountingWEB and Karbon to recognize and learn from the best-run firms in the US. Firms are listed on the leaderboard based on the results of The Practice Excellence assessment. This assessment represents a holistic method of comparing the capabilities of accounting firms around the world. Each of the listed firms scored in the top decile of all those who took part in the Practice Excellence (PE) assessment and, by this methodology, represent the best in the profession.

The business acumen of participating firms is identified across the four pillars of practice strategy, management, efficiency, and growth.

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MSM Advisors, LLC is a Georgia based Virtual Accounting Firm serving clients virtually throughout the United States. As for our experience, members of our team have served in both the private sector and the public sphere, acting as controllers and chief financial officers for businesses and organizations of all kinds. We have worked with everyone from small startups to well-established corporations, so regardless of the size or scope of your business, we’re well equipped and ready to help. Accounting and financial management have also taken some great leaps forward over the past few years and have access to amazing tools to complement our team’s extensive experience.

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