Starting your small business can be stressful and overwhelming. These 6 books will help you make sense of your numbers and give you a guide to running your own business.

Simple Numbers, Straight Talk. Big Profits!   by Greg Crabtree

Need help making sense of your numbers? Greg Crabtree applies years of experience as a speaker, author, entrepreneur and financial expert to help you see why your numbers aren’t adding up, make sense of human resources, debunk tax brackets, and much more! Most new business owners have trouble understanding the numbers their accountant produces, but it’s time for you to take control of your money and play a part in the numbers game. This easy to read, step-by-step book covers crucial topics like profit, labor, data entry, and forecasting and is bound help any small business owner understand their business and numbers.


Small Business Cash Flow by Denise O’Berry

In order to be successful in budgeting, record-keeping, and money-tracking, it is important to understand your business’s cash flow. The ins and outs of cash flows help you understand where your money is going and how much you will have in the future. This book debunks the misconceptions of cash flows and teaches all small business owners how to understand their investments and budgeting of future projects.


Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business by Fred Steingold J.D.

Figuring out the legal steps to starting your business can be a daunting task, but Fred Steingold’s easy to understand book helps you navigate the legal steps of the business world. This step by step guide can help you find and complete the correct forms for almost any business activity. His help, spanning from buying real estate and creating contracts to protecting trade secrets and creating a noncompete agreement, can get you started on the path to carrying out a legally sound business.


Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less by Mike Piper

Feeling overwhelmed during meetings with your accountant? This easy to read, technical verbiage free book will help make any small business owner comfortable having conversations with their accountant by breaking down complex accounting topics to their simplest form. This book explains useful accounting vocabulary and concepts like tracking income and expenses, GAAP, and types of inventory. While this isn’t a manual, Accounting Made Simple will help you understand where your accountant is coming from and help you know what questions to ask.


Small Business Taxes Made Easy: How to Increase Your Deductions, Reduce What You Owe, and Boost Your Profits by Eva Rosenberg

The tax queen, Eva Rosenberg, is the go to expert for questions about small business and self-employed taxes. In her book, Rosenberg helps explain decreasing your taxes, finding financing benefits, spotting errors, and increasing deductible expenses. This is a great guide to legally increasing savings and retaining earnings for any small business owner trying to understand their taxes.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

While it’s not directly a finance book, this well researched book will help any small business owner climb the ladder of success. With tips on handling people, swaying people to see your way, and making people like you, Dale Carnegie outlines great ways to help people make a real impact in the lives of people around them and pursue their goals. Advertised as Warren Buffett’s favorite book, this short guide has passed the test of time and exceeded expectations, despite its quirky title.