ADP is one of the most comprehensive payroll management systems out there, and as an added bonus, it integrates seamlessly with Xero cloud accounting software. After a quick setup, your payroll data can flow seamlessly into your accounting software, and you’re ready to manage your books and payroll wherever you are — at home, in the office or in line at the coffee shop. Learn how to use Xero with ADP in just a few steps after the jump.
If you’re already using ADP to run your payroll, you can connect ADP RUN with Xero and Xero Touch in just a few steps.
1. Connect ADP RUN to Xero

2. Map your Xero chart of accounts in ADP RUN

3. Create an ADP RUN general ledger file and sync with Xero

4. View and reconcile your payments in Xero
Once the two apps are synced, you can see your pay run bill in Xero’s Accounts tab, under Purchases, then through the Paid link. All you have to do is reconcile the statement lines for each pay run when they come into Xero through your bank feed. Depending on which payroll product you use through ADP, your payment might show up as more than one statement lines in your payroll checking account.
Watch the video below for a walk-through on how to connect the two products, and you’re on your way to getting even more out of your cloud-based accounting strategy.


An easy-to-use workflow between the hundreds of business apps that work with Xero is only part of your long-term financial strategy. We wrote a quick guide to setting budgeting goals to walk you through some of the most important questions, whether you’re just getting started with your business, or you’ve been in business for years.
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