Cloud accounting is all about convenience. The right tool can take a complicated task and make it simple. From everything between real-time communication with your accountant to sending invoices with the push of a button, Xero is by far the best all-in-one cloud accounting program on the market.
Here are 8 ways Xero takes cloud based accounting to the next level, and can drastically improve your business.

 1. Quickly turn quotes into invoices

With Xero, quoting customers and creating invoices is easier than ever as technology helps improve acounting for entrepreneurs. You can use Xero to create quotes on the spot.  Business owners can even customize the look of their quotes for their specific business.  After a quote has been accepted, you can turn a quote into an invoice with just a few clicks. The customer can then go online and pay the invoice in real-time, and with just the click of a button.


2. Bank Feeds

With the Bank Feeds feature, Xero accounting software automatically imports your bank, credit card, and PayPal transactions. The days of manual bank reconciliation are over and Xero accountants are helping their clients save more time and money. With Xero your bank statements are already in the software. You can trust that your data is always accurate, and you can make better business decisions seeing up-to-date financial information.


3. Automatically Track Inventory with Xero Cloud Accounting

No business owner likes manually keeping track of their inventory every month. Xero automatically tracks your inventory so you always have a real-time view of your inventory and financials. Simply enter the initial balance once, and never worry about doing it again. You can easily check how much inventory you have on hand, how much you have on order, and total commited quotes to maintain ideal inventory levels.


4. Go Mobile

Welcome to the new age of mobile accounting. With Xero Touch, the Xero mobile app, you can augment your online accounting services to access Xero anytime, anywhere. Stay on top of cash flow, create sales invoices while you are still on the job, and manage receipts on the go to keep your books accurate and up to date. Available for both Apple and Android.


5. Third Party Add-Ons

Xero integrates with over 400 third-party apps, so you can quickly and easily sync your data from all of them right onto Xero. From financials, ecommerce, and payroll, Xero does everything they can to make your business run a little smoother and stay on top of your financial plan.


6. Purchase Orders

As your business grows, so do the complications of purchasing orders.  Xero’s purchase orders feature lets you make your purchases directly from the desktop. Save time entering data on repeat orders by saving the delivery information and instructions. Organize your orders by delivery date and expected arrival. Even purchase orders on the go with Xero Touch.


7. Easily Manage Expenses

Expense reports can be a headache for everyone. Now employees can add receipts to Xero or Xero Touch with just a photo. The photo automatically adds all your receipts in to your expense claims. Once a receipt is approved, simply click a button to schedule a payment for reimbursement.


8. Payroll

Payroll and accounting used to be two separate systems. You had to export data from payroll, and import it into accounting software. With Xero, payroll and accounting are one in the same. Payroll in Xero has all employees default payments for their draft pay run, and you can easily make changes if need be. Approve the pay run, and Xero automatically updates the accounts. Xero even includes a built-in direct deposit system to easily pay your staff.


As you can see, Xero is taking accounting software to the next level to help your grow your business. Still not convinced? Download our free eBook and see why millions of business owners are making the switch over to Xero.